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An Australian based online fabric store, Material Difference was founded in 2020 by Kasey Rainbow and Kristie Fankhauser. Kasey, previously held a collection of fabrics at Friday Love Fabrics and upon their decision to close, Kasey saw an opportunity to launch her own online store. Kristie (Kasey’s business advisor) recognised a brilliant idea and jumped on board immediately – and as they say, the rest is history!

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A former lawyer, Kristie is a self-confessed shoe addict. A business advisor and strategic marketer, Kristie has been advising businesses on their marketing strategy for over 20 years. Born in country Victoria, Kristie grew up surrounded by talented women who could bake, knit, crochet and sew – often all in one day! A dabbler in all and master at none, Kristie has always had a love and appreciation for ‘hand-made’ and can be found foraging at the many markets around Brisbane.

Kristie has a goal to ensure headpieces and fascinators become everyday wear and not just for race days! She is often seen with flowers in her hair - having 3 kids and working full time the reality is flowers can make even the messiest ponytail look glam! Kristie believes that you need passion in your life to make it worthwhile and working alongside Kasey has produced an abundance of passion for all things fabric - and all things Kasey!

Kristie has a very public passion for the performing arts and is well known for bringing others along for the ride!



Rachael is a surface pattern designer who lives in the Samford Valley, NW Brisbane.

Her journey into fabric design started at the age of 42 when she studied Graphic Design after her youngest child started school. Since then, she has forged a path as a licensed designer, teacher, mentor and community builder, notably curating Pattern Pulse in 2020, a book which celebrates the art of 100 Australian surface designers (including Kasey!).

Rachael is a devoted mother of 3 girls and cannot believe she gets to create beautiful artwork for a living. Joining Material Difference as Creative Director is a dream come true as she speaks fluent ‘maker/sewist’ having been raised by a very excellent one, her mum! Rachael cannot wait to share her designs, thoughts and passion with the Material Difference community.



First things first: Yup - Rainbow is her real surname. And as it suggests, she is a lady of many colours. Kasey Rainbow is a star of the Australian art and design world who is the epitome of her own Live Bright ethos. Based in Brisbane’s Bayside, Kasey brings her passion for colour to creating a unique style that oozes personality and radiates happiness.

Kasey has always been a creative at heart, but after purchasing an iPad back in 2017, she discovered a new love of digital art and design. After months of playing and hours of YouTube tutorials, Kasey dove headfirst into the wonderful world of fabric and textile design. She may be a relatively new name in this space and completely self-taught, but she is quickly becoming a well-known artist in the design world.

Having worked with some of the country’s most exciting clothing, accessories and small business brands, Kasey is setting her goals higher and higher every day.