Deb McMaughton – August 2021 – January 2022

We love Deb McNaughton's work and when we started Material Difference, Deb was very high on Kasey's list of 'must have' featured artists. Not only is she one very talented artist, she is also authentic, delightful and just an all round fabulous human.

For those who don't know Deb, she is an established Australian artist (based in Melbourne) with a love for colour and a passion for making the world a brighter place through art. You can read more about her and her work on her website, but we also managed to tease these little extra details from her:

© Jessica Roberts & Crystal Oliver -

Tell us a little bit about yourself and what you do!

First and foremost, I am a Mum of two little champions. They are my everything and the driving force behind everything I do. I was fortunate enough to have an incredible childhood full of magic and wonder and adventure. I pride myself on giving that to my children too. After that, I am someone who loves to live life to its fullest and take advantage of opportunities thrown my way. I live for the sun and warmth and look forward to one day, being able to travel to wonderful places again. In the meantime, I enjoy creating my own sunshine and rainbows in my home studio.

Where does your inspiration come from?

It’s a boring answer but… everywhere! It’s all around us. Patterns in nature, obscure and interesting shapes found in the most uninteresting places, fashion trends, interior trends, everyday surfaces and textures. I just keep my eyes wide open and try to look at basic things with an abstract perspective.

What motivates you to pursue your creative passion?

Showing my kids that if you work hard, learn to pivot and keep a creative and positive attitude, you can do whatever you want.

What are the top three things, or ‘rules’ you choose to live by?

A life without risk is a life half lived

Say “yes” and figure out the rest later

Always be the better person

What is the one thing you cannot wait to have in your very own fabric?

Ooooh! That’s a big question. A sweater would be pretty cool in the Navy Gecko design or the Love Potion design. That would be pretty rad.

Deb's artwork was with us from August 2021 - January 2022