Georgina Forbes – Lordy Dordie

We couldn't be more excited to introduce you to our most recent Featured Artist – the glorious, Georgina Forbes from Lordy Dordie!

Having the gorgeous Georgie and her art be part of the Material Difference family (even for a short while) is such a thrill.

Georgie’s work is happy, joyful, colourful, patterned, detailed with a twist of fun and the unexpected and she loves to explore subjects from nature, still life through to the absurdly abstract.  Georgie likes to convey a positive, joyful and happy message in all her artworks.

Somewhere in between juggling a zillion projects, Georgie managed to add a husband and three kids to her gallery of impressive creations. Her family are her personal cheer squad who have always backed her ambitions, inspired her creativity and always join in her enthusiasm to create beautiful works of art.

Keep reading to find out more about Georgie and the inspiration behind her artwork.

Tell us a little bit about yourself and what you do!

I am a colourful fine artist and illustrator who happily creates and paints in my light filled studio in Brisbane, Australia.

I knew at a very early age – maybe 3 or 4 – that I wanted to be an artist.

Most of my earliest memories are of being creative in some way or another – drawing, collaging, painting, and I was encouraged from a young age (by my beautiful mother) to pursue my creative side.

As a child of the 80s, it is no surprise she admits to being a Ken Done and Jenny Kee tragic and if you squint, you’ll see a bit of their influence shining through her luminous patterns.

Where does your inspiration come from?

My studio is filled with colourful trinkets, artworks & paints to inspire me when I am needing inspiration. I am also endlessly inspired by nature, in particular native flowers. Nature combines splendid shapes, colours with such diversity and brings fresh ideas and perspectives to my artworks.

COLOUR has also always been a prominent visual component in my Art (even in the early days) due to its strong visual impact and its direct influence with my feelings and emotions.

I believe colour is one of the most important elements that I can use to create life & heart in my artworks, people connect with colour!

For me, an artwork can begin with just a blob of colour on a white canvas, the rest just seems to flow and weave together - colour being the consistent thread.

What motivates you to pursue your creative passion?

Creating for me, is an intuitive process, an artwork can begin with just one blob of colour on a white canvas then the rest just seems to flow. When I start an artwork, I try not to place any rules over what I create and begin by drawing ideas from visuals locked away in my memory or from a design brief. When people look at my artworks, I want them to feel part of the story and part of the process of creation - something visually joyous, new and emotive for the viewer. Sustainability plays a role in my creative process too and varies depending on the creative project. Often from a design point of view it comes down to choosing the right materials for the job and using them wisely. I am committed to create consciously in every area of my creative business.

What are the top three things, or 'rules' you choose to live by?

  • Don’t be fearful of change and be more willing to take risks, push yourself out of your comfort zone, believe in your art and your creativity and continuously strive to master your skills.
  • Develop your own style that feels right for you, keep up with trends and incorporate them into your work, but also stay true to your own look.
  • The harder you work towards refining your style, the better you get at it and you never stop learning.

We are thrilled to have Georgie with us, but it is only for a 3 month stint – these designs leave on 31 October.  

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