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Rach Jackson is in the House!

It's September and that not only means a new season is upon us but it means we get the chance to welcome another new artist to Material Difference for the next six months.

Joining the MD creative team is the talented Rach Jackson, a wonderful artist from Victoria who spends her days creating stunning pastel art on canvases and skate decks - and now fabric!  Kasey has been a long time fan of Rach and her work and knew we needed to get her on deck! So here she is the amazing Rach Jackson.

You can read more about her and her work on her website, but we also managed to tease these little extra details from her:

Tell us a little bit about yourself and what you do!

I’m Rach Jackson, a contemporary abstract artist from Ballarat, Victoria. I love to create colourful pieces which bring joy to those who see them! 

Art has been the one constant throughout my life, although it has taken on many different forms. As a young parent, art took a back seat as I navigated my way though working full time and raising a family. As my kids got older and I allowed myself the time to paint again, I realised that it wasn’t just something I enjoyed, but something I needed in a deep way. Painting allows me to lose myself in a world of colour and joy. I feel grateful everyday that I have been able to turn my passion into my career

Where does your inspiration come from?

I find inspiration in many things, but mainly in nature. The colours, the textures, the way it heals your soul. If I’m ever feeling a bit flat, a walk in the bush or forest is the best way to recharge and I find I’m full of motivation and inspiration by the time I get back home

What motivates you to pursue your creative passion?

I never believed it was possible to make a career out of my art until 2 years ago. I was very unfulfilled working in a non-creative job and felt there was more to my life than what I was doing. I changed my mindset and with a lot of hard work made my dream a reality. Now I feel a sense of freedom and excitement, I wake up and look forward to each day. It still baffles me that I can paint all day long if I feel like it! It’s an amazing life.

What are the top three things, or 'rules' you choose to live by?

  • Be kind always
  • Don’t stress about things you have no control over
  • Take every opportunity that comes your way

What is the one thing you cannot wait to have in your very own fabric?

A double sided quilt for my bed would be rad! I could change it up each day and it would make my bedroom a happy place.

To buy Rach's designs go to the Featured Artists page on our website.