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The history of the button bags.

When Kasey and I started this business we wanted to give everyone that bought with us a little gift, something unique to say Thank You!

We looked into branded candy but thought (and rightly so) that Kasey and I would probably snack on those too much – we do not need more candy in our lives!

So we started looking at buttons and then trying to work out how we would pack them. In the early days we did come up with amazing ideas that in theory were great – but practically not so great! The button bags came in bespoke printed squares in our cotton woven fabric with our trademark sewing notions design – they were great.  Until I asked my Mum if she would mind making up a few!

The first lot we got were cut on a machine and we so crooked that half were not able to be used. But Mum and her friends go to work and made them up and the button bags were born – and you loved them!

Now here’s where I take you on a back story journey. My Mum (Maz) and her friends live in Yarrawonga in country Victoria (well technically Kae lives in Mulwala but it’s border town so same same). When we started this business Victoria was in lockdown, more than any other state and that extended to the country, and given they were not allowed to leave home other than to get their designated 1 hour of exercise life got boring.  So Mum and her posse got to work sewing up our button bags.

Socially distanced of course, and we won’t mention the amount of baked goods that were produced to keep in the good books of the border patrol personnel.

We thought after the first lot of bags were gone through that we would come up with something else, but you really loved them. So rather than get them bespoke printed again we thought we could use our scraps to make them – then they would be like a sample pack and button bag all in one.

These bags have evolved and so has the team – now they do button bags at Wednesday sewing (at Shirl's place - they are quilters normally). And the team have taken to creating mix & match button bags using not only different designs together but also different fabric bases.

Whether it is a piece from one of Kasey and my t-shirt dresses, a bit from Mum’s pants, extra from Kae’s microwave cosy, the rayon from my daughter’s skirt – these bags are so full of heart and are really precious to us. And they will give you an insight into the fabric bases and designs we personally use.

Are they perfect? Heck no, but that’s the beauty of handmade, each one is slightly different - just like their makers.

And how do we reward these amazing women who are all in their 70’s? With fabric of course.

So next time you receive your order and get excited by your fabric, think of those gorgeous women sitting around chatting about the world, having a cuppa and making you a precious gift from us filled with love – oh and buttons!

by Kristie