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We are growing!

So this month has had a rocky start to it – with all the goings on in the world, the weather and of course that pesky pandemic still lingering what it has also done is postponed our news – which does not diminish all the craziness going on but is well worth celebrating!

This little company that Kasey and I started a year ago is growing faster than we ever anticipated and we are so very grateful to all of you for helping to get us here.  But like all small businesses we have had some growing pains and to alleviate those pains we have sought out a soothing balm by the name of Rachael King!

Yep that’s right -  the amazingly talented Rachael King has officially joined the Material Difference family as a partner in the business.

Already part of our artist community, Kasey and I are thrilled to have Rach on board.  As well as being a great person, her knowledge of surface pattern design (she kind of wrote the book) and fabric printing is second to none and she shares the same sense of community that is the hallmark of Material Difference.  So it’s no wonder when we were looking for a new partner Rachael was our ‘go to gal’!

So what does this mean exactly?

Well for us it means we have an additional brains trust to lighten our load and not only focus on our strategic growth but also our other individual interests.

This will also mean that Kasey will be taking a less active role in the day to day operations of Material Difference. She will still be a Director and involved with strategy and will continue as an artist with us, but her main focus will be on building the Kasey Rainbow brand and product range – and we couldn’t be more proud or supportive of her.  Being a fulltime artist is huge and her star is just starting to rise, so to ensure she can do that and keep her toe in the fabric pool we have restructured to give her every chance to soar!

What won’t change is that Material Difference will still be the exclusive place to buy Kasey Rainbow fabrics – and while there will be more Kasey designs added throughout the year – they might not be as prolific as they once were.

What also won’t change is our unwavering commitment to working with artists and ensuring their work is shared with the world through the medium of fabric!  Can’t wait to share the talents of artists we have lined up!

From an operational sense, Rachael will take on Kasey’s role as Creative Director, managing our artists, curating collections and sourcing new bases and Kristie will continue as Managing Director – doing all the other stuff she does.

So that’s our news.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to email us at