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We are live!

They say launching a new business is a bit of a rollercoaster ride of emotions – fun, exciting and terrifying all at once. I didn’t believe “them”. I was wrong – so very wrong.

It has been all of those things and more!

And doing it with someone you adore, admire and just think the world of should make it easier – right?

Well in some ways it does, but in other ways the pressure to not let each other down can be a little overwhelming.

Our rollercoaster ride has looked like this.

Kasey and I have laughed a lot – like belly laughed until you nearly wet your pants – well it only takes a small sneeze these days to have that experience but you get what I mean.  We have chuckled and even squealed in excitement when we tell each other our ideas and they not only align, but we take those ideas and collectively makes them better. It’s been amazing to have each other on this ride.

We have cried a lot too – little tears of “am I good enough, I don’t want to hold you back” to sobs of “I can’t do this anymore, it’s just too hard” – to be fair the latter is usually just referring to life, not the business!

But through it all we have done the one thing that we always said we would do – we let each other be whatever we needed to be, and to feel whatever we needed to feel, when we need to feel it -  and we just held on, closed our eyes and knew the other would have hold of our hand and say “I’ve got you, we can do this”, as we plummeted along this rollercoaster track.

And then to add to our support of each other we also have had the most amazing support crew that have helped us stay the course and keep our sanity and sense of humour. We can’t thank our crew enough – our families (yep we both have husbands and kids and amazing Mums), our friends, our advisors (Mage Advisory, Woolston Web Design and Studio Ems) and our followers – well Kasey’s followers - you are all so very appreciated and loved. We really are humbled by your support.

We also have to thank Lisa from Friday Love Fabrics - her advice, support and generosity has been unfounded. What a woman!

Now launching this business is only step one, so stay with us and you can have your very own car on the Material Difference rollercoaster ride.  This is only the beginning……..