Bin Chicken You Out Navy

For those who are unaware that the Ibis is known as a ?Bin Chicken? in Australia, this print is dedicated to that bird. Now in a new colour way, focus on the green and navy bird in the centre of the design as your scale measurement guide. The MINI is 5cm tall, the MIDI is 10cm, MAXI is 15cm and MEGA is 25.5cm ? that?s nearly life sized!

Polka Sauraus

Some friendly little dino?s to compliment our Dinotopia print!?For our scaling reference on this one, use the bright yellow dino in the centre and measure vertically from tip of his tail to his head. In our MINI print he is 3.5cm tall, in MIDI he is 7.5cm tall, MAXI is 13cm tall and MEGA is 18cm.