See something you like? Ordering is simple:

STEP 1: Choose your design

STEP 2: Choose your scale (the size of the pattern)

STEP 3: Choose your fabric base (if unsure see Our fabrics page)

STEP 4: Choose your required length (Note: 1 quantity = 0.5 metres - so if you want 1 metre of fabric select 2 in the quantity box)

STEP 5: Add to cart...and you can take it from there..


Think swirls and spots, robots and rocks, random shapes and colour splotches and everything in between. Abstract is the name of this collection and we’re sure you’ll find something that catches your eye!


Our new coordinates range have been designed to match all our Kasey Rainbow collection fabrics. Imperfect crosshatch, gingham, pebbles and block colours can be matched with all our other collections or be made into something amazing on their own. The choices are endless!


Our food collection features everything from the sweetest candy to the healthiest fruit and vegetables - anything from the fridge and pantry. Fun and bright like all our designs this tasy collection is hard to stop at just one!


As the name suggests everything in this collection has been designed with kids in mind (or by kids). Whether it’s our Darcy range or just fun fabrics to make your kids happy they can be found here.


Fall in love with nature by looking through this collection. Flowers, fauna and rainbows and sometimes all at once this collection has something for everyone whether it’s on land or under the sea.


Whether it's for Christmas or Easter, Father's Day or Mother's Day, St Patrick's Day or Halloween our seasonal designs are always a delight – and you don't have to wait until the calendar ticks over to buy them either.

Bits And Bobs

Now this is not really a collection but where things like gift vouchers, promotional items and our wonderful samplers will live. We feel this is like that third drawer in the kitchen – where all the "bits and bobs" that don't have a natural home live.