Aussie Opal (PPS)

Another amazing colour palette by Julie Harrison. Aussie Opal comes in 4 scales and is measured by the height of banana shaped opal. MINI is 5cm, MIDI is 11cm, MAXI is 21cm and MEGA is 32 cm tall.

Lilac Forest (PPS)

This beauty is elegant and is just a stunning colour palette. Julie Harrison’s Lilac Forest is scaled by measuring the height of Navy /Lilac flower with yellow centre. MINI is 2cm, MIDI is 3.5cm, MAXI is 7cm and MEGA is 14 cm.

Magenta Garden (PPS)

Julie loves her “blobby” flowers and what’s not to love!  The stunning green background with magenta flowers is bound to make a statement – and that is Julie Harrison is a very talented artist. To get the size of this design measure the height of the yellow flowers. MINI is 2.5m, MIDI is 5cm, MAXI is 7.5cm and MEGA is 13 cm tall.

Plum Bloom (PPS)

Using her skills in illustration, Julie Harrison has created this amazing design in shades of plum. To get the different sizes of Plum Bloom measure the height of the white flower. MINI is 6cm, MIDI is 12cm, MAXI is 19cm and MEGA is 25 cm.

Strawberry Picnic (PPS)

This design just screams “I am going on a picnic”. Another great design by Julie Harrison this one only comes in 2 scales. Measure the height of the Strawberry and MINI is 2cm and MIDI is 4cm.

NO MAXI or MEGA in this design.