Birds Navy

Bring on the Disney princess singalong – this design is lovely and focuses on our little sparrows. From a scaling perspective we are measuring the height of the central light blue circle. MINI is 3.5cm, MIDI is 7.5cm, MAXI is 13cm and MEGA is 20.5cm.

Block Blueberry

Blueberry is the base of many of Kasey’s designs – aka navy! All our blocks colours are designed to complement every Kasey Rainbow design.

Please note that colours and printing coverage will vary depending on the fabric base.? Some may not be as vibrant as others. The printed Rib Knit fabric base is quite muted and the final result is a more distressed look than say the cotton woven or lycras. We recommend if using the Rib Knit for cuffs or bands that you try a contrasting colour to the base colour of the main design to avoid disappointment.

Buggin Navy

Our gorgeous bugs are a favourite of ours. Focus on the purple and yellow bug in the middle of the design for your scale guide. MINI is 4cm, MIDI is 8cm, MAXI is 18cm and MEGA is 22.5cm long.

Christmas Possums

Possums on powerlines and then add christmas lights – what a cute christmas design. The scale is measured off the length of the grey possum on the right hand side of the design – measure from the tip of his ear to the tip of his tail and there will be your scale! Measuring top to bottom, the MINI scale is 4cm, MIDI is 7cm, MAXI is 10cm and MEGA is 14cm.

Crosshatch Mustard Navy

Welcome to our crosshatch coordinate, a hand drawn criss cross pattern that’s a little irregular – like us! This design comes in a number of different colourways and two scales – MINI and MAXI. Our scales are measured on the intersecting lines that make a little square. MINI is 0.5 cm square and MAXI is 2cm square.

Daffodils Navy

You loved this in teal so now you can also love it in a different colour way. Such a calming design, this pattern is sure to delight. Now finding the scale flower is a little like “Where’s Wally” but here goes – find a deep yellow open daffodil with an orange middle (towards bottom centre left in the design) and measure from the point of a top petal to the point of the diagonally opposite petal – that’s your scale measurement. MINI is 3.5cm, MIDI is 7.5cm, MAXI is 11cm and MEGA is 15cm.

Darcy in Space

Welcome to the mind of a 4 year old! Drawn by Kasey’s daughter Darcy, these designs are obviously very special to us. For Darcy in Space, we have used her darker green alien as a scale reference. Measuring in at 3cm for the MINI, 7.5cm on the MIDI, 10cm on the MAXI and 14cm on the MEGA.

Egg Basket Navy

What a great Easter fabric. The length of the white spotted egg is the element we have used to measure the scale on this one. MINI is 3.5cm, MIDI is 7.5cm, MAXI is 13cm and MEGA is 22.5cm.

Gingham Navy Mustard

We love our gingham coordinate, this classic pattern is making a comeback so here’s our version. This design comes in a number of different colourways and two scales – MINI and MAXI. Our scales are measured on the pink square of this colourway. MINI is 1cm square and MAXI is 2cm square.

I Am A Shape Navy

If you’ve watched Mister Maker, you will no doubt be singing this tune in your head! In this print, our scale is based on the dark blue oval shape with the adorable little face. Measuring in at 4.5cm for the MINI, 9cm on the MIDI, 14cm on the MAXI and a huge 20cm on the MEGA. Now that’s a big shape.

Leafy Sea Dragons Navy

Yet another one in the ‘under the sea’ collection, these leafy sea dragons just pop on this navy base – stunning colours. The purple sea dragon to the left is your scale guide, you need to measure him from the top of his top fin to the bottom of his bottom fin. In MINI it measure 2.5cm from top to bottom, MIDI it is 4cm, MAXI it is 7.5cm and MEGA she is 10cm tall.

Leopard Red

Hubba, hubba! What else can we say – this is stunning. A special design as a birthday gift to Kristie, this gorgeous leopard colour-way has us feeling all the feels! Try teaming this with with one of the crosshatch coordinates? OMG so good! Once again it uses our signature Kasey navy as the base. Close to the top use the large spot in the centre (no teal) and measure from top to bottom to get the scale on this print. MINI is 3.5cm, MIDI is 6.5cm, MAXI 10cm, MEGA 18cm.

Mermaids Navy

If you love these buxom beauties with their pink background you’ll adore them in navy! To guide you on your measurement quest you need to find the beautiful purple haired mermaid named Enchantra (on the left) – her height will give you the clue to solve your scale queries. MINI Enchantra is 5cm tall, MIDI is 8cm, MAXI is 12cm and MEGA Enchantra is 18cm tall.

Midnight Garden Navy

Just so pretty, midnight garden is a gorgeous floral print with our signature Kasey navy base. The only issue with this one is that all the coordinates will look stunning with this ? try stopping at just one ? we dare you! To work out the scale use the main fuchsia and orange flower in the top right. Mini is 6cm, MIDI is 12cm, MAXI is 18cm, and MEGA is 25cm

PaaPii Organic Ribbing – Blueberry

This GOTS certified, 100% Organic Rib Knit is perfect for cuffs, collars, wristbands, neckbands and waistbands.

Available in limited colours this super soft fabric is from Europe and is designed by PaaPii Design.

All tube ribbing is sold by increments of 10cm (1/10 metre).

For example:

 1 qty = 10cm, 2 qty = 20 cm, 3 qty = 30cm, 4 qty = 40cm, 5 qty = 50cm.

$3.60 per 1 qty. Price reduces by 10% for orders over 10 qty (1 metre) of the same colour.

For more details on this fabric and all our bases click here.

Paradise Birds Navy

A gorgeous bird of paradise is something to behold. Find the central small purple and yellow flower and measure from the tip of the small purple petal straight down to the tip of the yellow petal. MINI is 3.5cm, MIDI is 7.5cm, MAXI is 15cm and MEGA is 21cm.