Jac Slade

We are very excited to bring you the artwork of talented surface pattern designer Jac Slade this month. Jacqui is a Surface Pattern Designer from the beautiful Central Coast near Sydney. Her work has been described as bright, bold and sophisticated with a modern vintage vibe.

Jacqui is a Graphic Designer and after nearly 20years and a variety of design roles in marketing and design studios as a graphic designer, art director and freelance artist she fell in love with surface pattern and textile design.

What inspires Jac Slade?

Jacqui loves sketching flowers, birds, and animals and turning them into bright, bold and fun surface designs that enliven your day. Most days you’ll find her in her home studio, cup of tea in hand, designing and illustrating. Jac is totally obsessed with vintage designs, wallpaper, textiles and all things floral.

Her inspiration comes from nature, the beach and flowers in particular and vintage designs. She loves diving into books on vintage 60s fashion, Florence Broadhurst wallpapers, Indian florals and Japanese kimonos and seeing where the inspiration will take her.

What motivates Jacqui to pursue her creative passion?

Her kids, and showing them you can create your own career in the way you want. Before kids Jacqui thought to have a career and still be creative you had to commit to a full time office job.

"I’m so grateful to them so I can now carve out my own opportunities and create everyday and still be there for them". 

Jacqui's top 3 ‘rules’ to live by are:

  1. Gratitude - it’s really important especially on those challenging days to take a deep breath and be grateful for what I have. Seriously, how awesome is it that I get to play with pretty patterns and colours everyday.
  2. Consistency - Do that thing you love and do it again and again.
  3. Just keep swimming - ok this one is from Finding Nemo, but seriously I use it most days just to keep going.

The one thing Jacqui cannot wait to have in her own fabric?

I love seeing my designs on all the things. I would love a set of PJs in one of my designs, ooh and art journal covers. Nothing better than a cosy day in, sketching in your Pjs.