See something you like? Ordering is simple:

Step 1: Choose your design

Step2: Choose your scale (the size of the pattern) – options are mini, midi, maxi and mega

Step 3: Choose your fabric base (if unsure see our Fabrics page or send us a message)

Step 4: Choose your required length in metres (Note: 1 quantity = 0.5 metres – so if you want 1 metre, select 2 in the quantity box)

Step 5: Add to cart…and you can take it from there..

Just remember our fabric is printed to order and we only place orders with our printer on the 1st of the month. Orders take approximately 4-6 weeks from the date we place the print order.

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As the name suggests everything in this collection has been designed with kids in mind (or by kids). Whether it’s our Darcy range or just fun fabrics to make your kids happy they can be found here.

Retirement Village

Designs in this category have had a good life. They’ve worked hard and have provided for their families, but now it’s time for a rest. Anything in this category will be gone in a month or so, so this will be your last chance to buy it.  Some may get a makeover and make a come back, but others will be put to rest. Forever.